Achieve a Digital Waste Management Concept (AWK) with Wastics

Whether due to legal obligation or to optimize your corporate waste management: Thanks to Wastics' intelligent input mask, the tedious creation of a waste management concept becomes a thing of the past!

How Wastics helps with AWK creation:

  • Create a digital AWK in just a few clicks
  • Intuitive user interface and input mask
  • Historical data capture without gaps
Experience WasticsHow Wastics Works

Digital Waste Management Concept in 4 Steps

Capture General Information

Step 1Capture General Information

Complete your company information in your Wastics profile.

Process-Related Representation

Step 2Process-Related Representation

Capture waste-related disposal processes, types, and quantities in the Wastics input mask.

Waste Management Representation

Step 3Waste Management Representation

Select improvement measures from intelligent suggestions to continue optimizing your waste management.

Waste Legal Information

Step 4Waste Legal Information

Define legal and organizational arrangements you've made in the context of waste collection or disposal.

Your Benefits with Wastics

Compliance & Completeness

Compliance & Completeness

Yes, creating a waste management concept is a burdensome duty. With Wastics, you'll never forget mandatory information about your waste management because our digital tool guides you through all the essential content of your AWK, ensuring completeness and compliance.

Easy Handling

Easy Handling

One platform, one well-structured input mask. Avoid tedious formatting work with MS Word and use Wastics to quickly create your waste management concept in PDF format.

Discover Savings Potential

Discover Savings Potential

Keep a complete overview of the inputs and outputs of your waste with a digital AWK that shows economic optimization options at a glance.

Automatic Recommendations

Automatic Recommendations

Wastics is your complete waste manager and consulting service, as our platform provides customized waste reduction and recycling suggestions tailored to your company.

Annual Updates

Annual Updates

Once created, your digital AWK can be easily updated annually with minimal effort, thanks to continuous data synchronization with Wastics.

Why You Need a Waste Management Concept

Compliance with Legal Requirements

Compliance with Legal Requirements

Companies with more than 20 employees are obliged to create an AWK according to the Waste Management Act 2002 § 10. AWK is also required in the context of approval procedures for new facilities or modifications to existing ones.

Process and Cost Optimization

Process and Cost Optimization

Even if you're not legally obligated, creating a waste management concept voluntarily is beneficial. It provides an excellent overview of waste-related activities and processes in your company, revealing potential cost savings and improvement opportunities.

The Wastics Ecosystem

From the idea of an all-in-one solution for sustainable, efficient, and resource-friendly corporate waste management, the Wastics project was born - a digital ecosystem that optimizes corporate waste and resource management through digitization.In addition to the digital AWK, our platform offers other functions that make your corporate waste management easier, more efficient, and more sustainable. With Wastics, you can find suitable disposal companies for your waste or gain new customers and disposal contracts as a waste collector or processor.Register today and become part of the Wastics Ecosystem for waste and resource management!

Experience WasticsHow Wastics Works

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